Keeping up with kingdom’s vision 2030

Alsanadid for security guards establishment strives to reach the highest level of professionalism according to its social responsibility, to achieve the desired objectives that based on a vision with commitment, loyalty, Protection and security basis, through offering services based on scientific methodology, practical experience and high-quality professionalism.

What the entire establishment achieves and aims to, on security market level, keeps up with kingdoms’ march in national transformation program 2020, and in its vision 2030, and it is represented by working on developing all advanced human, technical and digital security services, and through continuing rehabilitation and educational programs that supervised by specialized experts in security guards, facility’s safety and safety systems, with management works with the latest methods, and also through development and expansion in the administration structure based on cascaded scientific, professional and management expertise, in addition to the national role in providing job opportunities to Saudi youth and train them to serve society security and stimulate teamwork, cooperation and creativity.

So that, AlSanadid for security guards is in the lead in kingdoms vision 2030, taking into consideration the plans set for the next years for all what related to establishment’s parts, its infrastructure, its services, its goals, polarize the effective human resources and train them and build communication bridges with clients by firm commercial relationship.